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Horse breeding Since the early 90ies the horse breeding station Podere Palazzone raises Hanoverian sport horses with infinite passion. Hanoverians are the horses we all admire at the major competitions in show jumping, dressage and eventing. Since a decade the Hanoverian stud book leads the rating list of WBFSH, the worldwide federation of sport horse stud books. In addition to their performance in sports, typical Hanoverians' properties are: high rideability, gentleness, mental balance and... astonishing beauty. 

We breed a jumping line based on mares that carry the precious genes of the stallions Grannus and Pilot. For the pairing we select above all important Holstein champions, actually those of the Stamm 4965 such as Clinton I, Clinton II and Cantoblanco. At the origin of our dressage line there is the most modern stallion Lauries Crusador xx, nominated stallion of the year 2007, that we cross with leading Hanoverian dressage stallions namely Don Frederico and De Niro.

Our horses enjoy extensive pastures, partially integrated in olive-yards and forests, where they grow up naturally in the herd.
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Olive oil The climatic conditions and the properties of the soil in the Tuscan hills are one of the best worldwide for olive oil production. Our trees are of the species leccino, frantoio, pendolino and moraiolo, raised in polyconinc form with four branches. Some of them are secular, while the majority is between 25 and 35 years old. Looping occurs in late winter. The only fertilizer we use is horse dung and we refrain from using any kind of chemical pesticide.

The olive pulp is made of numerous alveolus which contain the oil, immerged in the vegetation water. In order to avoid mixing these two substances, which would result in a deterioration process and finally in rancidity, picking is done exclusively by hand. Olives are carefully stored in flat aired boxes and brought to oil mill within 48 hours. We anticipate the harvest to October for gathering an oil with enhanced  organoleptic properties, even though this causes a lower yield. 

We are proud of producing one of the olive oils with the lowest acidity, characterised by a strong personality, green to yellowish, fruity, with a slightly bitterish note and an intense olive perfume.
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Wine The grapes we grow are mostly Sangiovese, followed by Trebbiano, according to the rules of production of Chianti wine. The vineyard is located on the top of a hill, close to the manège, where it enjoys a favourable microclimate and an ideal exposure to sunbeams. The continuous breeze helps to limit the risk of pathogenic infections so that we can reduce treatments to a minimum. Plants are naturally provided with water during the whole vegetation period thanks to our vineyard's semi-clayey soil. This results in a compact pulp of the vigorous healthy grapes with a high contents of sugar.

Grape harvest is a festival at the Podere Palazzone. What an excitement, after a season of hard land-work, assembling the old wooden wine press with the mechanic lever! All processes from pressing to bottling are made in-house, applying all our passion.

Our red wine is not as noble as the great Chianti and similar wines, but it is a perfect expression of nature, being subject to no manipulation at all. What you will taste is only pure grapes, sun and the flavour of the soil of Tuscany.
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Vegetables, herbs, fruits
Do you remember the taste of real tomatoes, those picked up at the right moment, red, tasty, juicy and with the perfume of grass and humid soil? Such tomatoes grow in our orchard, without any chemical treatment and watered by the ancient well near the farmhouse. We cultivate baccelli (green beans), irresistibles for any true Tuscan, artichokes of the species Spinoso Sardo, for eating raw and for conserves in olive oil, and those of the species Violetto di Toscana for cooking and baking. We grow potatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, zucchini, onions, garlic and peperoncini.

Our herbarium includes twelve kinds of wild herbs such as rosemary, fennel-grass and mint, as well as cultivated herbs like basil, sage, thyme and marjoram.

Nothing is more exciting than sitting on the branch of a fig-tree, enjoying fresh figs, a fruit appreciated already in roman times. In addition we grow apricots, cherries, almonds, medlars and kaki.
The Podere Palazzone is a small sized family driven farm in Tuscany, at Pomarance near Volterra.  Farming activities include:
        - breeding of high quality Hanoverian sport horses
        - production of extra-virgin olive oil
        - production of red wine
        - production of vegetables, fruits and aromatic herbs
Are you interested in touching Italy's agriculture with your own hands during holiday? You are welcome to share with us some moments of rural life, such as looping of olive trees, olive picking and grape harvest. At our farmhouse you may assist to the education of a young horse, watch a foal birth, practice horse riding or participate at grooming and the daily activities in the stable.
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