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Riding a high quality horse is close to being a guarantee for fun and satisfaction during your horse trekking through Tuscany. We don't share the view of those who think a mediocre horse is good enough for being a trekking horse. On the contrary, especially during cross country riding a horse expresses his full potential. The movements should be elegant, balanced, rhythmic and comfortable. The walk must be forceful, steady and safe, the trot abundant and elastic, the gallop driven from the rear, vigorous but controlled. Horse riding is fun only on the back of a horse with an appearing personality that does not limit itself to stoically following the previous rider; a horse that is unafraid and willing to communicate.

The Hanoverian horses at the stud Podere Palazzone are exactly like this, due to their pedigree, due to the relationship we cultivate with them and due to the education we have given them. They offer you comfort and pleasure at walk or at gallop, in waters or in forests, wherever you guide them.

Breeders are used to follow a concept in giving names to their foals. So do we: We usually choose native Indian names. This is not for reflecting our riding style, which is mainly classical English riding. We took this decision to honor the relationship native Indians have with nature and horses. We share their values of love and respect towards the Creation. We do our best to act with consideration and go easy on resources.
horse trekking in Tuscany Italy horse riding in Tuscany at Podere Palazzone
16.3 hands, 1991, gelding
Windmesser xx - Lukrativ (Lugano) - Schabernack
Intelligent, careful and a gallop "light as feather": You will fall in love with Wilardo at first sight. Absolutely unafraid of anything, he is perfect for beginners, for those simply striking for pleasure on horseback in Tuscany's nature and for those who want to "ride like the wind".
riding holiday in Tuscany Italy Tuscany on horseback at stables Podere Palazzone
Genesee (beautiful valley)
16.6 hands, 1998, mare
Graf Top - Drosselklang II - Lakai
Genesee is approved for the selection programme of the Hanoverian jumping horse. She is a real athlete, with a beautiful head and marvellous eyes, strong and compact. Ride her with a soft hand to appreciate her unconditional cooperation and her and superb elastic trot. 
Toscana on horseback equestrian holiday Toscanan on horseback Tuscany Italy
16.9 hands, 2000, gelding
Ricardo (Ramiro) - Power Prince (Pilot) - Waldsee
Powerful gelding, docile and friendly, wonderful trustable fellow in any circumstance. Nothing will prevent him from carrying the rider where he guides him. He is very generous in forgiving riders' mistakes and therefore he is suitable also to the scarcely experienced rider.
horse trekking holiday on quality horses horse riding in Tuscany near Volterra Italy
Lomasi (flower of the prairie)
16.9 cm, 2002, mare, Staatsprämie
Londonderry - Brentano II - Legat
The Grande Game of stud Podere Palazzone. Elegance, spectacular movements and the right dose of thoroughbred  (from Lauries Crusador xx) for making her indefatigable. A challenging jewel for the riders who is able honoring such an excellent horse in manège and in trekking.
quality horses for horse riding in Tuscany Italy Tuscany: horse trekking in Italy
Heyoka (friend of the creatures of thunder)
17.2 cm, 2004, gelding
Heraldik xx - Power Prince (Pilot) - Waldsee

Half-brother to the two gold medals in eventing at the Olympic Games China 2008. Perfect athlete, sensational free gallop and great movements. You will appreciate his high rideability. This is the right horse for the sportive rider aiming at strong emotions.
Tuscany horse riding holiday in Italy Italy: horse riding holiday in Tuscany
Shikoba (feather)
16.5 cm, 2005, mare
Samarant (Sandro Hit) - Power Prince (Pilot) - Waldsee
Young horse with a golden heart and the characteristic elegant movements of her grandfather Sandro Hit. Clearly visible the presence of thoroughbred in her pedigree. The power of her mother-line from the stallion Pilot makes her a most perseverant companion during trekking. 
Reitkurse in der Toskana auf dem Gestüt bei Volterra Italien Ferienwohnung Zimmer reiten in der Toskana Italien
Rowtag (fire)
16.2 hands, 2006, gelding
Rascalino - Londonderry - Brentano II
His Majesty. Beautifully built with a marked neck and a strong compact body. He is a little macho, who knows being handsome and acts accordingly while showing up. He has superb movements in all three gaits. Good sensitive riders do enjoy him a lot.
Reitkurse in der Toskana auf dem Gestüt bei Volterra Italien Ferienwohnung Zimmer reiten in der Toskana Italien
Ehawee (laughing maiden)
16.5 hands, 2006, mare
Electro (Voltaire) - Major de la Cour - Quat'Sous
Always in a good mood Ehawee wants to be ridden with a soft hand. She likes both, ride outs as well as working in the arena. And why not, from time to time a good show jumping course. With her beautiful big lady-like eyes she is literally an eye catcher.
riding in Tuscany at stables Podere Palazzone Italy horse trekking in Tuscany Italy
15.2 cm, 1994, mare
Allen xx - Paint
This horse is truly different from all others: She is trained in English and Western riding and is particularly easy handling. She walks up the steepest hills and crosses the deepest forests. Given her friendly character we use her also for walking at the lounge with the youngest cow-boys.
Pferd reiten in der Toskana Volterra Italien Pferd reiten in der Toskana Volterra Italien Ausritte auf dem Reiterhof in der Toskana Italien Volterra

At the farmhouse Podere Palazzone we breed Hanoverian sport horses with premium pedigrees in Pomarance near Volterra, Italy. We breed on the basis of a selection of prestigious blood lines for jumping, dressage and eventing. Upon appointment you are welcome to visit the foals and young horses at our stables. Horses and foals of stables Podere Palazzone are showing successfully at competitions and shows.

For further information visit our
farming section.


Podere Palazzone stables is the first and only breeder out of Germany approved for the program "EXPERIENCE HANOVERIANS" of the German Hanoverian Breeding Society.

For further information click: "Hannoveraner erleben"

We have at your disposal boxes, paddock and a truck for the transport of up to five horses. Contact us for further information.
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